Angel Investor Networking Member Organization

Our purpose is to connect entrepreneurs, people with ideas and dreams, with investors who are interested in early stage investing.

About Us

One of our biggest goals is education and peer-to-peer learning; and one of our strongest benefits is the amount of business that gets done amongst Members.

ABN is diverse across age, gender, education, profession, economic background – you name it.  The main criteria for our Members is a sincere interest in promoting new ideas and early stage businesses.

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Our purpose is to connect start up and early stage companies with ABN Members who are looking for such investment opportunities.


Members are individuals who are interested in seeing presentations from early stage entrepreneurial companies. 

Members may choose whether or not to  invest or not invest based upon their own capital availability, risk tolerance, and due dillegence in the companies presenting.

Members also particularly enjoy the benefits of high level peer networking and learning from other members. 

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We are a group of national and international investors.


ABN Presenters come with a variety of ideas in mind.

Some want to sell shares of stock in their publicly traded companies; some want to promote recognition of their companies, whether public or private.

Some want to raise money to build a prototype for their new project; some want to run through a presentation and get constructive feedback on their sales pitch. 

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ABN Sponsors are companies that are interested in promoting their company’s services to our Members.

Examples have included: Public Relation Firms, Business Consulting Companies, and PEO’s.

They are charged a different kind of fee for direct pitch to Members and a website presence. 

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