About Us

We are a Membership organization founded for the purpose of connecting early stage companies with Members interested in hearing and investing in such propositions.

The American Business Network has hosted a variety of investment events in over 24 cities in the United States, as well as San Juan, Puerto Rico and Quito, Ecuador. We have active chapters in 14 cities.

There are few companies hosting capital formation events, creating a strong demand for this type of organization. Additionally, there are new changes in securities laws which enables new and exciting ways to attract capital to organizations such as Crowd Funding. ABN has an experienced team which has first mover advantage. The ABN team is well positioned as a leader in financial seminars to take advantage of Crowd Funding opportunities within its American Business Network membership.

Additionally, the value of networking and education among a high level of similarly-minded individuals is paramount within ABN.


ABN focuses narrowly on investment events through its American Business Network at a time when there are few that focus on creating communities within the financial industry. Over the past 10 years there have been fewer companies connecting entrepreneurs and investors due to high regulation. This creates a genuine opportunity to build up American Business Network membership as well as provide a platform for member companies to present their opportunities to American Business Network membership.

Market Size

The overall market for companies that need a qualified forum to raise money is immense and continues to grow each day. ABN targets the following three entrepreneurial groups: small to medium sized businesses, publicly traded companies, and startups.

 Market Size: 2.5 million businesses in the United States which meet American Business Network criteria.

Small to Medium Sized Businesses: This segment is ABN’s core business. American Business Network members in this category are interested in further developing their business model which requires additional working capital. These companies will look to prior incarnations such as Fat Cat Club and ClubsCorp Business Network for direction. They will move quickly and buy podium time to present to the membership.

 Market Size: Approximately 16,000 publicly traded companies in the United States.

Publicly Traded Companies: The majority of companies that go public do so in order to have better access to capital. They have likely conducted a few rounds of financing and are now looking for additional capital to continue growing their business. Alternatively, public companies might be looking for additional awareness to the retail investment community and want to access to American Business Network membership.

 Market Size: New companies are being formed each day and the potential is vast.

Start-Ups: Each startup ABN works with will be vetted as this will likely be their first time forming capital (also known as their “Angel” or “Seed” round). The goal is to identify a few start-ups each year who have significant potential to rapidly scale up. This capital would be used for additional proof of concept and expansion capital. Similar to public companies, some start-ups would utilize the American Business Network membership to assist with other crucial aspects such as identifying potential board members, officers, joint venture and strategic partnerships, advice and American Marketplace resources.


Financial Events

ABN and its American Business Network has evolved from a few brands such as Fat Cat Club and Turtle Creek Club, all hosting different events ranging from luncheons to major conferences.

Online Community

The American Business Network continues to grow its online business network which enables its members and entrepreneurs to connect and interact online.

Local Chapters

The American Business Network has 14 chapters and planning over 30 chapters established in major cities across the United States, allowing investors and entrepreneurs to connect and interact in person. Our chapters are built around local Chapter Presidents.


The ABN management team is comprised of individuals with strong entrepreneurial backgrounds in event sales, social marketing, and the financial industry as well as large and small event productions.